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About ProxyBlaze

Founded in 2010, ProxyBlaze has established itself as a leader in the web hosting industry, providing a comprehensive suite of online services for small and medium-sized businesses worldwide. Our Cpanel, offers access to more than 120 tools and services, giving our customers the widest selection of web hosting applications available.

ProxyBlaze has seen tremendous growth, fueled both by word of mouth and by a competitive affiliate program. More than thousands customers from more than 100 countries depend on us every day for speed, reliability, security and global reach.

Focusing on Our Customers At ProxyBlaze, our customers aren't faceless numbers. We know them; we listen to them; we implement changes based on their feedback. Our "Customer Experience" team conducts monthly surveys and focus groups to monitor customer satisfaction and find out how we can improve. We perform usability testing on our tools, with real customers, during the development process. And, in 2011, we migrated to a new hosting platform to ensure that our customers' websites and email are hosted in an environment that is as secure and reliable as possible.

Always Evolving When a company becomes as successful as ProxyBlaze, it's easy to become complacent. We don't let that happen. We're constantly looking for newer and better ways we can serve our customers. We leverage our position as a web hosting leader to forge strong partnerships with industry giants, such as Google, Yahoo!, WordPress, ShopSite and Constant Contact.

Legal Stuff For additional service information please review our Terms of Service, Acceptable Use and Privacy Statements. We are available to answer any questions that you may have about our Web hosting services. For specific legal questions regarding ProxyBlaze, our products or our services, please contact our legal department

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