Dec 6th DDoS at server 23.108.9.xx

We are facing a DDoS attack at the server 23.108.9.xx.
Please allow us few hours for the further updates as we are trying to stop the attack as we speak.

Aug 19th Firewall Upgrade.

Hello,We are performing a firewall upgrade in the next few minutes. There will be a downtime for 5 minutes. All of our clients will need to relogin at  & if they still do not work please follow these steps;1) Login at   2) Logout 3) Relogin and test. If you face ... Read More »

Aug 13th Maintanance Los Angeles & Phoenix facility.

Hello, Thank you for your continued patience. Our vendor has identified a critical issue with the power infrastructure servicing our LA3 & PH2 facility. As a result of this diagnosis, our vendor will be immediately performing emergency corrective maintenance in the facility to prevent further issues starting this evening after 5pm up ... Read More »

Aug 13th Los Angeles & Phoenix Servers down.

13/Aug/14 - Los Angeles & Phoenix Facility Issues - Intermittent outages occurringLos Angeles & Phoenix is currently experiencing intermittent outages due to an issue with power delivery at our LA3, PH2 facility. We are working with our vendors and site electrical engineers to address this outage as quickly as possible.Further updates will ... Read More »

May 22nd Affiliate System Launched.

Hello,We have reestablished our Affiliate System which can get you 10% commisions for every sign up for our services. Login to client area, activate your account as an Affiliate & you can find your Affiliate link.Please read important details about Affiliates;Affiliate Earning Percentage ONE ... Read More »

May 5th Facility Maintenance. Please read.

Following Subnet will be affected. TO Due to consolidation of one of our facilities starting from May 1st, 2014, all services will be consolidated into our currently active location. Beginning May 18th at 8PM Pacific Daylight Time, we will begin the migration process for the indicated servers in this ... Read More »

Apr 12th Server 172.240.27.xx has been rebooted.

Server 172.240.27.xx DOWN? Relogin at in order to access the proxies again. The SOCKS were slow and we had to reboot the server.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Apr 7th Server 142.91.117.xx AND 23.81.65.xx Has been rebooted.

Proxies 142.91.117.xx AND 23.81.65.xx DOWN? Relogin at in order to access the proxies again.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Feb 28th Server 142.91.117.xx Has been rebooted due to a DDoS.

Proxies 142.91.117.xx DOWN? Relogin at in order to access the proxies again.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused

Feb 13th Server 23.106.90.xx Has been rebooted due to a DDoS.

Proxies 23.106.90.xx DOWN? Relogin at in order to access the proxies again.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused