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4 Benefits of Using a Private Proxy for Your SEO Business

A private proxy server allows you to change or mask your IP address. If you run an SEO business, there are numerous benefits to running your web and keyword research through private proxy software.

Let's examine several of the benefits of using private proxies:

Hide Your Identity from Competitors

If you frequently access the websites of your competitors as you work through your research process, examining their tags, keywords, and more, they may be logging your IP address. If they are, it's a very simple practice for them to either access your identity or block you completely. If you want to maintain your edge in the competitive world of SEO, private proxies can help. When you route your research activity through a proxy server, your true identity is hidden.

Avoid Accidental Account Deletion

SEO companies that offer social media management services may find that using many different account logins from the same IP address can raise suspicion. Private proxies allow you to use a different IP address for each social media client you manage, to avoid accidental account deletion. If Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ notice multiple accounts tied to the same IP address, they may assume that your legitimate business activities are illegitimate and delete the accounts without providing you with a chance to explain. Avoid this possibility with private proxy software.

Bypass Geographic Filters

Search engines typically modify search results based on the geographic location the query initiated from. This means that individuals in one country may get very different results for a search query than individuals in another country do. If your goal is accurate, useful keyword or business research, this geographic filtering can make the process quite difficult. When you put private proxies to use for you, however, you can designate the country you'd like to search from, bypassing these filters completely.

Avoid Search Engine Blocks

If you are running numerous queries to one search engine, quickly, from the same IP address, the administrators of the search engine may assume that your activities are unethical and block your account. This is especially true for SEO companies that are using software to quickly run keyword research, unfortunately. You can negotiate your way around these search engine blocks, however, by utilizing private proxies. The proxy cloaks your IP address, allowing you to change it as necessary until you've completed your entire batch of keyword research.

When you're running a search engine optimization business, your clients depend on quick, effective research. Private proxies help you obtain the quality results you need, without risking accidental account deletion, search engine blocks, and other negative consequences.

We provide Elite private proxies just for legal use.


- 100% exclusive - These are private Http/SOCKS proxies and none of them are shared with other clients.
- 100% High Anonymous Level1 ( Elite ) Http/Socks5 Proxies.
- High ports ranging above 10k To 65K.
- All proxies are hosted on a 100Mbps dedicated line ( Blazing fast ).
- Location: USA . Subnets:1, Non-sequential proxies.
- NO ROTATION.These proxies will be Static & wont change. - Works with all Operating Systems.
- Proxies are alive 24*7, Uptime is 97%
- Easy to use. The proxies are IP Authenticated which works for dynamic IP users too. You will need to use the Format "IP:PORT"..
-Secured proxies. Once you buy them you are the owner of those proxies.
-Set up time is 1 to 48 hours.
- You can use the proxies with Proxifier, QIP, ICQ, Yahoo, Yahoo clients, Buyluxe, Paltalk ,GTalk, PSI, Internet Explorer,
Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera.
- Unblock Myspace, Facebook, Youtube and more....

Our Proxies works with all kind of browsers & tools which uses the formart " IP:PORT "

Note: Torrents, mailing, fraud, abuse and illegal activities strictly prohibited.

Price List For HTTP Private Proxies*/Month

10 $13
20 $25
40 $49
60 $73
80 $95
100 $119
120 $143
140 $167
160 $189
180 $214
200 $230
250 $250
500 $470
1000 $890

Price List For SOCKS Private Proxies*/Month

10 $16
20 $30
40 $60
60 $90
80 $120
100 $150
120 $180
140 $210
160 $240
180 $270
200 $290
250 $320
500 $590
1000 $1080



*Excluding PayPal & Gateway Fees.

Private SOCKS5 Proxies

How would you like to stay invisible online?

More and more people are starting to learn about the value of staying invisible online, and we’re not just talking about those that have had their identity stolen or their social media profiles cracked.

Smart and savvy business owners (especially those that want to really squeeze the best results out of things like search engine optimization and “insider intelligence” about their competitors) also need to learn how to stay invisible online.

Luckily, hiding behind private SOCKS5 proxies may just be the most simple and straightforward way to be an Internet ghost.

What exactly are private SOCKS5 proxies, anyways?

Essentially high-powered servers that work to reroute all of your Internet activity all over the globe (faster than you ever would have imagined possible), private SOCKS5 proxies are yours and yours alone – hence the “private” designation.

Working a lot like a dedicated server what, but instead of hosting traffic you’ll basically use it to shuttle your traffic all over the world – hiding and cloaking your IP address in the process – the right private SOCKS5 proxies offer you an Internet experience that is just as quick as if you weren’t running behind this hardware.

It’s as close to a native experience as you’re going to find, and pretty inexpensive at the exact same time!

But what’s the big deal about using private SOCKS5 proxies?

What are the real advantages to staying invisible, especially for smart and savvy business owners looking for any edge at all?

Hide from your competitors

First of all, by using IP addresses that not only shift and change every single time you fire up your proxy, but also shift in change based on their geographical location, you’ll never have to worry about your competitors running some analytics tools to find out whether or not you are snooping around.

Sniff out insider intelligence

Secondly, because you are completely invisible, you’ll be able to dive headfirst into all of the different landing pages, marketing pieces, and sales funnels that your competitors have set up – really x-raying exactly how they go about getting customers and how they really build their business from the ground up.

Breakdown all kinds of barriers

Imagine what it would be like to never have to see the “Content cannot be accessed by visitors outside of this region” again.

Services like Netflix are notorious for locking down their content to specific geographical regions, and more business owners are taking the same approach. Sure, this helps them serve up laser targeted content, but it also stops you from seeing the “big picture”  – especially if you’re looking to dominate that marketplace.

That will never happen again with private SOCKS5 proxies.

Never get locked out again

At the end of the day, using the right private SOCKS5 proxies basically gives you a “master key” to just about anything and everything on the Internet. You’ll never have to worry about being blocked from accessing different pieces of content, different web services, or even x-raying the sales funnels of your biggest competitors.

Everything is at your fingertips when you “go dark” behind the right private SOCKS5 proxies.